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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Jabalpur CWC – Historic Success

As notified, the CWC Meeting of our Union was held at Jabalpur from 1.10.2011 to 02.10.2011 under the Chairmanship of Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President. Out of 36 CWC members, 29 CWC members, and two Mahila Committee members attended the meeting. The national flag was hoisted by Com. B. G. Tamhankar, Ex President and the NFPE flag was hoisted by Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President.
The Subject Committee was inaugurated on 1.10.2011 by Com. B. G. Tamhankar, Ex-CHQ President. The Meeting observed silence in memory of departed leaders and in particular on the demise of Com. A. Majeeth, Asst. Circle Secretary, Kerala Circle who died in road accident on previous day (i.e.) 30.09.2011.
The General Secretary submitted a work report containing much information and it became the basic document for discussion on all the agendas placed in the CWC meeting. The following decisions were arrived after healthy debates on all the items of agenda by the working Committee members.
i) The CWC ratified the decision of deferment of Strike by Postal JCA and hailed the discussions, decision and outcome visible thereafter.
ii) The CWC decided to organize a separate programme of action on misuse of contributory negligence factor, recovery on minus balance, arbitrary recoveries imposed against APM Accounts for excess drawal of pay to Postmen after Vth CPC and arbitrary recovery imposed on staff due to excess paid bonus to GDS. All CWC members assured to collect and forward the required particulars to CHQ within a month for evolving proper demand for the programme of action.
iii) The CWC resolved to organize more comrades for the proposed mass rally to be held at New Delhi on 25.11.2011 against the proposed bill tabled in Parliament on PFRDA bill.
iv) The offer made by the Circle Secretary Bihar to hold the next CWC at Bihar either in March 2012 or April 2012 has been accepted. The next CWC Meeting will be held in Bihar.
v) The CHQ will submit a detailed note on cadre review to Department and insist its consideration by the Department.
vi) The CHQ will organize the next workshop for circle secretaries and five representatives from each circle at Puri, Odishafrom 04.02.2011 to 05.02.2011. The modalities of the workshop will be finalized by the CHQ President & General Secretary.
vii) As the period of 27 months from last conference was over in three months before, the CWC directed the General Secretary to notify and hold fresh election of office bearers to Haryana Circle at the earliest.
viii)Circle Secretary, M. P. Circle was directed to notify and hold fresh election of office bearers to Vidisha division within a month.
ix) Considering the huge rise in the cost of printing of Bhartiya Post, the CWC has decided to enhance the subscription of Bhartiya Post as Rs.10/- per Single copy and Rs.100/- as yearly subscription. The need for enhancement of subscription is inevitable from January 2012 onwards due to escalation of cost of printing & dispatch.
x) The CWC hailed the settlement of dispute in Tamilnadu Circle union which was lasted for more than 3½ years and the office bearers of Tamilnadu Circle union & also General Secretary were praised for their patience and strong fight against 48 court cases right from District courts to Supreme Court.
The General Secretary informed the house about the proposed release of Diary 2012 in November or December 2011 with more added and updated information on the basis of ‘No Profit’ No loss”. Com. MangeshParab Working President delivered vote of thanks.
On 02.10.2011 forenoon, open session was organized by the Reception Committee. Com. MahandraBajpai, President, Reception Committee welcomed the gathering. Com. G. L. Dhar, General Secretary, AITUC inaugurated the open session. The prominent speakers in the open session were Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary R3, Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas, General Secretary, P4, Com. B. G. Tamhankar, Ex-President CHQ, Com. R. N. Parasar, ASG, Com. S. Raghupathy, ASG, NFPE, and Com. T K R Pillai, Confederation.
Thereafter a grand felicitation was organized by the divisional union to more than 20 new recruit officials who joined our union. Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President & Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary jointly garlanded and presented momentous. A wonderful event we had seen in the evening and the enthusiasm in the midst of youth to take part actively in the union has encouraged all the CWC members and the participants.
We should frankly admit that this CWC over beats all the earlier CWCs in arrangements like conference hall, rooms with air Conditioned facilities and delicious food served during the two days. Jabalpur divisional union has exclusively undertaken this venture despite there is no assistance from circle union or any divisional union. A Himalayan task was undertaken by Com. S. K. Nema& his team.
The CHQ records its heartiest thanks to Com. S. K. Nema, General Secretary, Reception Committee, Ex-Working President CHQ and Divisional Secretary, Jabalpur and his team for the excellent arrangements for comfortable stay, beautiful environment and good air conditioned hall and delicious and varieties of food items served through out two days. We record our appreciations to all those who worked very hard to make the CWC on historic success
Certainly, the Jabalpur CWC meeting ended with an historic success.

Courtesy: http://www.aipeup3chq.com/

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