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Friday, 12 April 2013


                                         J C A

           VELLORE DIVISION, VELLORE 632 001

JCA/VLR/DTD @ VELLORE 632 001 THE 12.04.2013


The Post master General
Chennai City Region
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Atrocities of SSPOs , Vellore Division Vellore – reg.


· We would like to bring the following to the knowledge of our respected PMG for kind consideration and necessary action please.

· Sri.V.Santhanaraman SSPOs Vellore is completing his tenure and he is due for transfer.

· From the very beginning of his tenure as SSPOs Vellore Division he used to scold the officials in front of the public as well as the sub ordinates. He scolded Smt.Lilly Margaret, a senior official when she was working as APM(Counter) in the presence of other officials and the members of public

· During OLIC meeting the SSPOs used to harass the PRI (P) Vellore Fort and ASP (HQ) who belongs to minority community in the presence of other officials without any reason. A heated argument has occurred between the SSPOs and ASP (HQ) in one OLIC meeting. All the office matters are being spoken in the OLIC meeting except Hindi.

· The SSPOs, Vellore is putting highest marks to his well wishers and low marks to the down trodden and backward community officials in the APAR.

· The SSPOs Vellore used to visit Vellore H.O frequently and scold the officials working under the control of Senior Postmaster Vellore H.O in a loud voice in presence of the members of public without any reason.

· The SSPOs Vellore used to directly making arrangements in each and every branch and issue orders without examining the justification and consequences. For e.g. the cash office of Katpadi North , Gandhinagar West, Virudampattu, and Sathuvachari Extension Post offices has been changed as Vellore H.O. This causes much inconvenience to the SPMs in clearing the excess cash.

· The SSPOs Vellore instructed the Senior Postmaster Vellore H.O to shift Smt. V.Kumudhavalli who was working as Correspondence branch PA for the only reason that she has participated in the 29th All India Conference of AIPEU Group “C” held at Trivandrum from 10.03.2013 to 13.03.2013 leveling some false allegations that she has committed a lot of mistakes in the correspondence branch which can be confirmed with the Senior Postmaster itself.

· The SSPOs Vellore used to harass the Union office bearers in general and the office bearers belonging to down trodden community and minority community in particular for the reasons best known to the SSPOs alone.

· Pennathur is a single handed delivery S.O functioning in a rural area. The office does not fulfill any norms prescribed for an office with Post attached quarters. The entire area of the office is below 300 sq.fts. There is no separate toilet facility for the office as well as to the quarters. The only available toilet is being used by the officials of Pennathur S.O and also by the family members of the landlord. Hence The AIPEU Group “C” union placed a subject to dequarterisation of Pennathur S.O. A Dalit lady official was working as Sub Postmaster Pennathur and hence the SSPOs Vellore did not take any action for dequarterisation and the subject is still pending with the SSPOs.

· Sri.A.Perumal Postman Vellore Fort and Circle Vice President of AIPEU Postmen & MTS belonging to SC community has gone to Sathuvachari S.O to attend some urgent work

In connection with the union after getting proper permission from the Dy.Postmaster . The SSPOs Vellore has seen him at Sathuvachari and came to Vellore H.O and shouted in the delivery hall of Vellore H.O. He ordered to bring the Postman bag of the said official and checked the bag in the absence of the official. The SSPOs instructed the Sr.Postmaster to take action against him.

· The other officials harassed by the SSPOs Vellore are Sri.S.Sundararajan PA Vellore H.O , G.Uthaman Sub Postmaster Ussoor S.O and Sri.R.Elanthirayan PA Sathuvachari S.O who are all the office bearers of the AIPEU Group “C” union and belonging to down trodden SC/ST community.

· For Core Banking Solution, all the officials working in the Division have attended to the DB discrepancies and rectified. All the officials have worked with greater involvement and dedication. The unions have also extended their fullest cooperation and support to the work related to CBS and the officials were ordered to work even on Sundays and holidays which was not at all objected by the unions. Now more than 99% of the works have been completed regarding CBS. All the minus balances have been settled and for some accounts minus balances were recovered from the innocent officials though they have attended to their work properly by raising OMs besides reporting to the higher ups. The amount was recovered by threatening the officials. All the works have been attended and completed by a team of officials. But the SSPOs claimed all the credit/appreciations from the higher ups as if he has attended to the works.

· The attendance of the delivery staff has been revised abruptly and unilaterally without consulting the unions. This shows the enormous powers of the SSPOs.

· The SSPOs used to punish the officials severely even for small mistakes/ omissions. For example Sri.M.Gnanasekaran SPM Bakiyath S.O, Sri.P.Indirakumaran SPM Old Town S.O and Smt.V.Kalaivani APM A/cs.

· Smt.V.Kalaivani APM A/cs. Vellore H.O completing her tenure in Vellore has applied for extension of tenure for the reason that her husband is remaining bedridden due to paralytic attack. The request of the official was not recommended by the SSPOs. This shows the iron hearted attitude of the SSPOs in the welfare matter of the staff even in deserving case.

· In one occasion the SSPOs Vellore shouted and threatened the SOSB lady staff. They have complained to the union with tears in their eyes about the incident. Hence all the officials of the NFPE Union have expressed their unwillingness to work in Vellore H.O in toto.

· One split A/C purchased for the purpose of IPKC Vellore has been fixed in SSPOs chamber and he is enjoying. It is said that there is a cot inside the chamber of SSPOs in which he is taking rest after lunch for one or two hours during working hours.

· Each and every Saturday and Sunday the SSPOs used to come to the Divisional office and take rest in his air conditioned chamber at the cost of the Department. He does not care for the expense of the fuel spent for generator during power cut. But as far as the subordinates are concerned he used to scold if an official forgot to switch off the tube light and fan when they left their seat.

· Vellore Fort HSG II S.O is one of the oldest delivery Post office functioning in a departmental building. The SSPOs Vellore had co-located the delivery segment of Vellore Fort with Vellore H.O . The reasons for shifting the delivery segment were told by the SSPOs that the building is not strong enough. If the reasons stated by the SSPOS is true, our question is how the counter functioning is allowed to be continued at the ground floor of the building which is not strong as stated by the SSPOs. So, it is clear evident that in order to harass the officials/unionists the SSPOs Vellore had wantonly shifted delivery establishments.

· Monthly meeting to the recognized unions is also not being given regularly. The last monthly meeting was given on 04.01.2013.

· Yet there is a lot of incidents of atrocities of SSPOs Vellore remains to say, our request to the Respected PMG is that the SSPOs Vellore may please be instructed suitably to have cordiality with the unions and sub ordinates.

· Though we are ready to settle the issues through negotiations the SSPOs is adamant in his stand and blame the unions as if we are the real offenders.

JCA Vellore

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