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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Claim closure procedure for any type of account in DOP Finacle

  • Generally if the investor/depositor of an account expires then the accounts associated with that investor/depositor can be claimed by the claimant ( Nominee if available or Legal heir) which is known as Claim Closure.
  • We initially take all the supported documents and after proper verification of documents the concerned higher level official will sanction the claim closure.
  • Claim closures for any account should be done only after sanction by the sanctioning authority.
  • After sanctioning,  claim closures can be done in any CBS office as per the SB order 08/2015 Scenario 5 and Scenario 6.
  • Step by step procedure of claim closures in DOP Finacle is mentioned below

Step by Step procedure of Claim closures in DOP Finacle

Change the depositor status to Deceased at CIF Level

  • Before invoking the closure menu we have to make the customer status to Deceased and enter the date of death at CIF level using the menu CMRC.
  • In counter PA login invoke the menu CMRC and select the function as Modify then the system will show the following screen
  •  Enter the CIF id and then click on Go as shown in the figure
 Then the system will display the customer details as shown in the figure.

In the customer details enter the following detailed mentioned below
1. change the Customer status to "Deceased" 
2. Enter the filed Date of Death __________________ as mentioned in the below figure

Then click on Submit and verify in the supervisor.

Closure of the account using the reason code as Death claim.

  • After modifying the customer status to Deceased  then we have to proceed for the account closure.
  • Use the account closure menu for the respective scheme i.e.
  1. For SB/PPF account -- Use the menu HCAAC.
  2. For RD account-- Use the menu CRDCAAC.
  3. For NSC/KVP certificates--- Use the menu CSCCAAC.
  4. For MIS/TD/SCSS account--- Use the menu HCAACTD
  • For example if we are closing the SB account then invoke the menu HCAAC then the system will show the below screen.
Then enter the below details

Enter the field account ID __________
Select the Transaction Type as "Transfer"
Enter the Transaction A/c ID. "Postmaster A/c id" (SOLID+0340)  because payment of claim closure should be through cheque only as mentioned in the below screen shot

Then click on Go then the system will display the  account information details as mentioned in the screen shot

Then click on Closure tab then the system will show below screen and in the closure reason column select the reason code as "DTCLM"  (This is mandatory for claim closures as the system will calculate the interest based on the closure reason code) which is mentioned in the screen shot

Then click on Submit and verify in the supervisor.


  1. After successful closure of account using the claim closure then make the CIF as Suspended by using the menu CMRC so that no one will open the accounts using the Deceased CIF.
  2. Some of the users are changing the CIF status to Suspended CIF before closure of account which results in the error while closing the account hence make sure close the account and then change the CIF to suspended state


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