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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Easy Method for entering large amount in Finacle - via SAPOST

Easy Method for entering large amount in Finacle

         Many a times, we face situation of entering wrong amount in Finacle while entering large amount. This especially happens when there are more zeros in amount Like Rs 1,00,000/- etc. Sometimes we enter Rs.10,000/-deposit instead of Rs.1,000/- which is very difficult to rectify. But there is one solution in Finacle for this problem i.e we can use first alphabet of amount in words while entering amount:
e.g : If Rs.1, 000 needs to be entered, we can enter as------------------1T
One Billion--------------------1B
One Million-------------------1M
Some points to consider:
1)      This validation works only for amount Rs.1000/- and above
2)      Amount should be in multiple of 1,000 i.e we cannot enter Rs.1,500/- using above method
3)      This validation doesn’t work in CRDP & CPDTM menus
4)      This validation works in CXFER, CTM & HTM Menus
Thanks to Shri. Mallikarjun M Karadi, SPM, Karoshi S.O - 591226, Chikodi Division

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