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Monday, 16 March 2015

Dear Comrades,
                         Vanakkam. The 42nd Divisional Conference of our Divisional union was held on 08.03.2015. Com. N.Subramanian General Secretary AIPEU Group "C" CHQ Newdelhi Inaugurated the Conference with his special address. Com.J.Ramamurthy Circle Secretary, Com.A.Veeramani Circle Financial Secretary and many Divisional Branch Secretaries participated in the Conference.

                         The following Office Bearers have been elected unanimously in the Conference.

                                President :   A Khadeer Ahmed
                        Vice Presidents :    G.Padmanaban

                               Secretary :   S.Veeran

                       Asst.Secretaries :   K.Jayachandran

                 Financial Secretary :   K.Palani

          Asst.Financial Secretary :   K.Purushothaman
                       Org.Secretaries :   N.Sankar

                    and 40 Executive Committee members have also been elected.

                    The Divisional Union conveys its thanks for all our members and friends for their support and cooperation for the success of the conference. The Divisional Union requests to extend the same in future also.

                   The Divisional Union assures that it will continue to travel in the struggle path to protect the rights and interest of the members and working class.

                                                                                           Comradely Yours

Photos of 42nd Divisional Conference of our Divisional union




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