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Friday, 16 September 2016

SB Orders 2015 Overview

SB Orders 2015 Overview
SB Order 10/2015 : Implementation of PMJJBY and PMSBY in CBS Post Offices from 7.9.2015
SB Order 09/2015 : Premature Closure of POTD Accounts before 6 months - clarification
SB Order 08/2015 : Enhancement in cash handling limit of authorized agents of Small Savings Schemes and commission to KVP
SB order 07/2015 : Clarifications on different scenarios being faced or likely to be faced by Post Offices after implementation of CBS
SB Order 06/2015 : Introduction of common account opening forms for CBS & Non CBS Post Offices
SB Order 05/2014 : Changes in Statutory Rules of POSB in the backdrop of implementation of CBS
SB Order 04/2015 : Reconciliation Certificate in case of a difference in name of Deceased Depositor / Investor
SB Order 03/2015 : Revision of Interest Rates of Small Savings Schemes w.e.f 01.04.2015
SB Order 02/2015 : Introduction of new scheme "Sukanya Samriddhi Account" under Small Savings Scheme from 22.01.2015
SB Order 01/2015 : Extension of PPF Scheme upto double handed Post Office

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