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Friday, 16 September 2016


1.Staff working on CBS should not share password with any other official of his own office or CPC officials or CEPT Team members or any other person.Administrative Officers should take stringent disciplinary action against staff who have been found sharing password.
2.SBCO should generate Consolidation of each scheme from the Finacle (which is available inproduction for any date) when vouchers are received from SOs/HO and compare the consolidation print out sent by SOs/HO Counter with the consolidation shown by the system. In case of discrepancy, SBCO Incharge should immediately raise the issue and report to Divisional Head as wellas Vigilance branch of Region/Circle. It is mandatory that consolidation report should be generated from the Finacle production system for reconciliation.
3.SBCO should tally vouchers with the LOT generated through MIS server only. Whenever MIS server access is available, SBCO should first tally vouchers of old/pending dates. Efforts are being made to make MIS server access available all the time. SBCO should immediately raise ticket through CPC concerned as and when MIS server is unable to generate reports. 

4.All CBS Post offices should follow the cheque clearing process scrupulously and no transfer entry should be made in any clearing office account from any other office account. Any unauthorized entry into any office account shall betreated as violation of rules and official will be liable for disciplinary action.
5.All  SBCO  staff  should  be  given  training  at  WCTCs  by  User  Champions  for End User/Supervisor  Module  and  Auditor  training  by  Infosys  or  User  Champion. Circles  should ensure that all SBCO staff has been trained by User Champions or Infosys and a certificate of completion of training should be obtained from all SBCO staff and kept
in their service book. All IP/ASP who have not yet taken training of EAP should also be given EAP training through User Champions. 

6. Divisional  Heads  should  ensure  that  SBCO  staff  is  comparing  LOT  generated  through  MIS server  with  the  vouchers  received  from  SO/HO.  Wherever,  there  is  shortage  of  staff  in  SBCO, 
necessary  help  should  be  provided  from  Post  Office  staff  to  SBCO  (spared  from  SBSO  branch)  to  complete voucher checking. Voucher checking should not be in arrears for more than 2-3 days.It will be responsibility of Divisional heads to ensure that adequate staff are provided.

7.  SBCO staff should sign on each and every voucher after tallying with LOT generated through the system in token of having checked TRAN ID, Account Number and Amount in addition to general
check of vouchers as prescribed.

8.SBCO should also compare LOT Date shown at the top of LOT the value date shown against each  transaction.  If difference  in  date  in  any  of  transaction  will  be  of  more  than  3  days (other  than  clearing), objection  should  be  raised, if  error  book  entry  or  approval  of  competent authority  is  not attached with the voucher.

9.No BPM should accept cash deposit transaction for more than Rs.25,000/- in any account in a day. Instructions in this regard should issued by Circles/Regions and Divisions.   

10.Postmaster  of  HPO  shall  designate  one  PA  who  will  generate  LOT  of  Office  Accounts  of Single/Double  Handed  SOs  except  0340  and  see  if  any  transaction  of  more  than  Rs.25,000/-  is shown  in  these  LOTs.  Customer  Account  details  of  such  transactions  should  be  generated  from  HACLI menu and sent to PRI(P)/Inspector Post/ASP(Post) for verification.

11.All POSB cheques should be given clearance by the CBS Post Office dealing with clearance and should  not  be  sent  to  other  HOs  or  SOs  for  giving  clearing  as  data  relating  to  all  accounts  is 
available in every CBS post office.

12.All POSB Cheques issued by any CBS Post Office if presented at any CBS Post Office should  be  treated  as  AT  PAR cheques  and  should  not  be  sent  for  clearing.No  POSB  Cheque  for  more  than Rs.25000/- should be accepted at other SOLs in a day.  

13.Issue of duplicate Passbook should be done at HPO only. If any application is received at SO , it should be sent to HO duly recommended after entering into a register . HO on receipt of application should issue duplicate passbook and send back the passbook to SO duly invoiced in SO slip .SO will enter the date of receipt in the register and deliver the passbook to the customer under the receipt in the register . Application for issue of duplicate passbook should not be routed through SBCO for balance verification as prescribed earlier .

14. No CBS Post office will now collect closed passbook of any scheme from the customer and no closed passbook should be sent to SBCO for checking . 

15.   SOs  should  not  lodge  cheques  in  Finacle.  Cheques  received  for  New Investment  and  subsequent  deposit  should  be  sent  to  HO  by  preparing  manual  list.  HO  should  lodge  cheques presented  at  SOs  for  new  Investment  and  RD  subsequent  deposit  cheques  against  Clearing  Office  Account  of  SO   and  for  subsequent deposits in  other  schemes  in  its  own  Clearing  Account.  SOs 
should check their clearing office  Account on daily basis to see clearance received at HO and open accounts  with  value  date  as  clearing  date  and  fund  the  account.  Amount  of  clearance of  cheques   lodged  against  SO  Clearing  accounts  should  be  shown  as  remittance  received  from  SO  in  advance  and SO after funding the account shall account for as Deposit and remittance (in advance) to HO.

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