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Monday, 7 November 2016

Solution for the SB withdrawal error-"Stale instrument" in DOP Finacle

  • Generally in DOP we will use the menu CTM for deposit/withdrawal of SB accounts.
  • CTM stands for Transaction Maintenance.
  • When we try to withdraw the SB account there will be 2 mode payments either through cash or cheque in DOP. 
  • In order to do payment through cash use the menu CTM option.
  • In order to do payment through cheque use the menu CXFER option.
  • Customers can withdraw using the withdrawal form (SB-7) or use POSB cheques for SB withdrawals in DOP.
  • When we try to withdraw the SB account using the menu CTM through POSB cheque then the system will show the error-"Stale instrument" in DOP Finacle.
  • The error screen shot will be as shown in the below figure

From the error shot it is clear that the system is showing the error as shown in the above figure

Root cause of the above problem :- 

  • The above error will occur when the instrument date is greater than 3 months i.e., if the date of the POSB cheque is more than 3 months as per POSB norms we should not accept that cheque hence the system will display the error as "Stale instrument "
  • For example if the difference between instrument date and bod date(today's date) is greater than 3 months then system will throw above said error.

Solution for the above Problem :- 

When the above error occurs then advise the customer to present the new cheque with date on the cheque should be less than 3 months old i..e, Please specify instrument date as the date which is not exceeding the difference of 3 months from bod date.

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