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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Partially posted transactions in DOP Finacle

Partly posted transaction will be created in the following scenarios as mentioned below

(1) If Teller has no cash while doing withdrawal / closure transaction
(2) If account involved in the transaction has no sufficient fund 
(3) Selecting incorrect office account which funding 
(4) Using HTV , instead of using relevant product menus 
(5) Doing transactions with irrelevant or incorrect menus ( as a result of which scheme validation fails)
(6) Not using validate button and doing postings , bulk postings
(7) Without clearing validations in Inward clearing zone, and posting in HMICZ
Please note that transactions for which all records ( Both debit and credit legs) are in entered state then only transaction can be deleted. If any transaction is associated with other transaction ( Like closure interest transactions) , those transactions should not be deleted.
If any transaction is in partly posted, it should be POSTED at any cost and thenonly should be verified

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